Who Is Investing In Bitcoin?

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Could it be that not only is bitcoin going to be the biggest change and influence on the economy, financial industry has ever seen in one way or another?  Also has it got the potential to bring millions of people out of poverty?  Can the value of bitcoin really escalate to $500,000 or more within the next 10-15 years or sooner?

We take a look at what leading investors, Digital entrepreneurs and business moguls have been and are saying about bitcoin right now.

Sir Richard Branson has been a long time supporter and investor of bitcoin. He hosted the greatest minds in Bitcoin on his private Island where he reportedly discussed the future of the ‘Blockchain’ with other great minds and he also reportedly invested personally over $30 million into Bitcoin start ups and plans to invest more in the future.

Bitcoin InvestorsMarc Andreessen, American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer. He is the co-author of Mosaic, the first widely used Web browser; co-founder of Netscape,, and also invested $50 Million in Coinbase says Blockchain technology will impact the world more than the creation of the internet itself, and has also pledged to invest Millions more in the near future.

Bill Gates Investor

Bill Gates Investor, author and of course co-founder of Microsoft (the worlds largest software company) had this to say about Bitcoin… it is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place, and in the future, all financial transactions will eventually be digital, universal and almost free.

Entrepreneurs, Investors and  business magnates alike are all investing in bitcoin in various way, from backing bitcoin wallets and companies to owning bitcoin in various funds and investment portfolios.

Snapchat investor Jeremy Liew said bitcoin is undervalued in a recent presentation. During the presentation, he gave a host of reasons as to why he believes bitcoin will be worth $500,000 or more by 2030. He also stated “Bitcoin is already simple to buy and hold, and as the asset continues to mature, we’ll continue to see an increase in the development and deployment of surrounding products.”

Venture capitalist, Facebook investor and NBA team owner, Chamath Palihapitiya, who has been an open Bicoin advocate since before 2013 when he first wrote an article on bitcoin for Boomerang recent tweeted to his followers, “Reiterating my belief about BTC. It’s the ultimate insurance policy against autocracy, currency curbs and other forms of value destruction.”  and also previously stated, “I’ve told my friends that it is entirely rational to allocate one percent of your assets to Bitcoin , Call it schmuck insurance. As the 2008 crisis proved, schmucks can cause a world of damage.”

These are just some of the well know investors and business magnates to speak out about bitcoin and their investments in the cryptocurrency.  In 2016 for boxing champ Mike Tyson just last year reported he was to create a new bitcoin wallet brand under his name, and also sponsored  bitcoin ATM’s.


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