How To Build A Six Figure Crypto Account...

In Less Than 12 Months Even In A Bear Market! 


Recession Proof

Crypto Profit Grabber

This Is A Brand New Course Created By A Professional Full Time Trader. This Is The Information The Big Dogs Don't Want You To Know!

The Introductory Price You See Here May Be Raised To The Full Price of $497 At Anytime Soon! 

Discover The Insider Methods Used By Pro Traders To Crush It In A Bull Or Bear Market... and Walk Away WIth Huge Profits!

This program is specifically designed so that a complete beginner with zero experience can profit form trading crypto.


  • How To Make Money When The Crypto Market Goes Down
  • Hoe To Generate A Monthly Income You Can Rely On From Crypto Investing
  • How To Start Making Money RIght Away
  • How To Quit Your Job And Trade Full Time From Home
  • How To Make Far More Money In A Bull Market Than Just Buying And Holding
  • How To Make Money Like The Rich Crypto Investors Do

This is a  powerful formula used by "Mr X" ( a full time proffessional trader who wishes to remain annonymous because the BIG DOGS do NOT want you to know this! ) that will allow you to systematically profit from trades.

It’s the ultimate shortcut, “step-by-step” system that removes all the guesswork. Don’t you deserve to stop struggling? Now you can use this proprietary formula for making more money and saving yourself TONS of time and frustration.

Learn what to do every single day to grow your trading business starting from scratch.

Imagine making thousands of dollars monthly, without the need to go to work at a job you hate, or sell your belongings or do anything illegal.

In this video course, "Mr X" will show you:

- One of his favorite patterns that can make you money over and over again
- How to predict short term crypto prices (A must see!)
- How to make money when the market is going down
- How it's possible to make more money than your current job 
- Swing trading (holding cryptos for 3 days - 2 weeks)
- Market cycles 
- How to identify a trending market 
- How to identify a ranging market 
- How to sell a down trend
- How to buy a up trend
- When to stay out of the market 
- When to enter a trade
- When to exit a trade
- Where to put your stop loss
- The 6 levels of investors
- How to read a chart properly 
- How to build wealth 
- The correct way to draw trend lines
- How long should you stay in a trade 
- Where to find key levels on your chart to buy
- How to properly add onto your current position 
- How to make more money with your investments 
- How far down I think Bitcoin Will Go 
- And much more!!

By the end of the program you will have acquired a competitive edge over other investors, learn how to reduce the risks and how to maximize profits starting RIGHT AWAY.

PRICE $397


How About Day Trading Futures?

OR if you would like to learn how to trade futures and earn a full time income from trtading on the futures market including how to set up charts and and account for leverage, EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO TRADE FUTURES  a complete course which INCLUDES THE ABOVE CRYPTO PROFIT GRABBER FOR FREE!! Then check out the TRADE AND TAKE PROFITS COURSE - then click the button below to learn more now!

Customer Testimonials:

Cupcake Xx - Made my first trade a couple days ago and made a little over $400! thanks! Your course is legit!

kevon blalock - got the course 3days ago and im up 130$

Aneet K - made my first 40 dollars last night on bitmex. thanks

gonelate - With bens course no joke I hoped on seen a 1 2 3 he talks about waited for it to drop below the 2 made $400 on a drop ...changed my life man

Eric Fontainehey - I made Good trades today. i short tron today lol made 50

Moex36 - What’s up, shorted btc and xrp today up over 10% first trade.. I love making money in a red market. Your course has brought back the excitement in crypto trading again loving it thanks.

Keith - I'm up to about $450 more than double from when I first started. I've been shorting and following your course. Thanks your course is awesome! 

45usphkdawg!!!- your course is the shit!! i just made $ 5% it could of been 10 but i didnt put $ on trade till this morning. damm i should of placed last night.

TKAT -Hey I bought your program a week ago, and I’ve made $250 so far, thank you for what you do

CryptoInspoMade - $400 last night because of Ben's techniques.. Made 4k last night. Thanks for the video

walter masink - i was up $600 2 days ago on tron. I didnt get out at right time. Ended with $270 profit. waiting to get back in. Need to finish course. Thanks.

CoS FetchD - Thanks, you just made me 800$ in the span of 3 days because of your course. He aint playin around guys - get his course while its cheap

Roderick Winchester - Bought your course made 400 on swing up and shorts

Azriel Sandyb- ....finally made $160...looking forward to making more

Rod - I opened my account 1 week ago with 15,700.00 and today just shorting BTC I have a balance of 44,000.

thank you for the course. I have been holding since January and kept watching my Investment deplete. I sold everything and then started shorting and made $500 over the last 3 days.

Wally Kmiecso - much info in your course ... feel smater already lol.. .. Thanks ...... Wally (Australia)

andrew thomas - i bought the course last night and stayed up all night...a lot of good info i if i only had this sooner. after going over course i realized HODL should not be my only strategy lol..geeze i was closed minded

Rafus See - Your course is fantastic so far. Thanks!

De Waal Venterhey - great course and thank you for the heads up.

Risk warning: These results may not be typical. Trading cryptocurrencies on margin carries a high level of risk, and may not be suitable for all investors. The high degree of leverage can work against you, as well as to your advantage. Before deciding to invest in cryptocurrencies, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and therefore, you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should be aware of all the risks associated with cryptocurrency trading, and consult with an independent financial adviser if you have any doubts.

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