Galdiacoin Review – Profit or Scam?

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There is a lot of ‘buzz’ recently about Gladiacoim. Internet marketer, network marketers and ordinary people are promoting Gladiacoin like crazy, and they must have good reason, they must be making money or bitcoins. In this Gladiacoin review we delve deep into the full system, its methods, longevity and potential profits. As with all of our reviews we do not simply visit the website or look at other reviews… In order to bring you the REAL truth in this Gladiacoin review we signed up, invested in the system and worked the system to see if it actually works! So is the uncut truth as we found it.

Gladiacoin Review The Full Scoop

Gladiacoin ReviewSo the Gladiacoin website claims to Double Your Bitcoin in 90 Days. In addition users can also make additional bitcoin commissions in the ‘Binary Network’ by referring others.

The Website was registered privately through on 26th November 2016. The lack of company information on the website makes it impossible to know who is behind the business, which raises a red flag for many people. It appears as it may have originated in Portugal or Spain, as there have been a lot of video promotions done from these countries early on and also those are the languages available to choose in the dashboard as well as English of course. So despite the company history or any further knowledge we continued with our testing and created an account and made the payment. The owners claim they are a group of highly specialized professionals from all over the world who operate a large volume of bitcoins trading daily and will double your bitcoin in 90 days – but are they being entirely truthful?

The complete lack of and comany info, proof of trading and even a terms or service or agreement of any kind should be a red flag to anyone considering investing with Gladiacoin, however in the interest of the public we decided to invest in order to give a truthful and accurate account of how they operate.

In order to join Gladiacoin, you are required to invest into one of the seven investment plans that the company has made available named Sparticus.

The company claims that they invest your money/bitcoin into trading across various platforms in order to deliver the 90 day double your bitcoin promise. We are unsure if the company does actually do any bitcoin trading at all as there is no porof of trading given or any kind of data available on this, and how they are able to guarantee to double you bitcoin in 90 days via trading (even if the market turns) is unknown. If they are actually doing trading with bitcoin then one possibility is that they use a combination of speculation and margin trading.

How Much Does It Cost And What Can You Earn?

  • Spartacus 1 – requires and investment of 0.05 BTC
  • Spartacus 2  – requires an investment of 0.1 BTC
  • Spartacus 3 – requires an investment of 0.3 BTC
  • Spartacus 4 – requires an investment of 0.5 BTC
  • Spartacus 5  – requires and investment of 1 BTC
  • Spartacus 6 – requires an investment of 2 BTC
  • Spartacus 7  – requires an investment of 4 BTC

but in order to be guaranteed to double your money in 90 days you need to start with plan Sparticus 2 or higher. Sparticus one gives return n your investment but does not include the ‘trader bonus’ as they call it whch is required to hit 200% return in 90 days.

So we went ahead and invested the 0.1 Bitcoin required for sparticus 1, which at that time was approx 100USD.  Now as there is also the option to earn from the binary network which means you can also earn commissions from your direct referrals and also from the referrals of your referrals.

A  binary plan means that when you recruits anyone the binary is split into two sides, left and right.

If you recruit 2 affiliates, one will be on the left side and another will be on the right hand side of binary structure. In order to be eligible for payout on the binary plan Gladiacoin requires you have one person at least on each side (so you need to recruit two people to be eligible for the extra commissions.

Then similarly, when your those 2 referrals refer 2 more referrals under them, then those two referrals will be placed on left and right hide side of THEIR  binary structure.

At the end each day Gladiacoin calculates the investment volume that you get from the SHORTEST leg and you will get the percentage of matched investment volume. You can also select which side your recruits are placed on so that you can balance out or grow one side as you need. The image below will help visualize exactky how this looks.

Galdiacoin Binary Network

Also the amount of commission paid out is determined by to the invested amount of affiliates on their different Spartacus plans. and depending which plan you are on. invested

Spartacus 1 plan, you will earn 5% commission from your referrals invested amount, but not more than 0.1 BTC a day or 3 BTC per month.

Sparticus 2 plan  6% commission capped at 0.2 BTC per day or 6 BTC per month,

Sparticus 3 is 7% commission from Spartacus 3 plan, capped at 0.6 BTC per day or 18 BTC per month

Sparticus 4 is 9% commission capped at 1 BTC per day or 30 BTC per month,Sparticus 5 is 11% commission from Spartacus 5 plan, capped at 2 BTC per day or 60 BTC per month,

Sparticus 6 is 13% commission from Spartacus 6 plan, capped at 4 BTC per day or 120 BTC per month,

Sparticus 7 is 15% commission from Spartacus 7 plan, capped at 8 BTC per day or 240 BTC per month.

In order to test the binary payout we also created a second and third account so that we would have one person on each side to qualify for binary payouts.

Gladiacoin Investments – The Results

We were able to see the progress of our investment daily by logging into our Gladiacoi accounts. In order to get automatic payout your profits must be at minimum 0.03 BTC, (you enter your personal bitcoin address into your dashboard where you wan the BTC to be sent).

gladiacoin account

Once our earnings had reached the minimum 0.03 BTC required for payout, that amount of bitcoin was indeed sent to our wallet. The finance tab on the Gladiacoin dashboard showed us exactly the earnings each day and also showed the binary earnings from the two accounts we set up using our affiliate link. So far so good.

The above image shows the progress bar inside your dashboard for the current plan you are on. When you reach 100% in the progress bar, that is, double the value of your bitcoins, your contract is automatically terminated and you must make a new plan purchase at the same amount as the current one to start a new cycle. You will be warned in your dashboard about this occurrence and will have 1 (one) day to make this new purchase, otherwise the binary points and accumulated values will be permanently lost. It is important to note that this doubling can occur in up to 90 days or in a shorter time, since the values computed for the doubling include those generated by the Trader Bonus and/or by the Binary Bonus. People on the Spartacus 1 plan will have their agreement terminated within 90 days after signing this plan even if they have not doubled the amount of the contracted plan.

Gladiacoin review Finances

So to date, is Gladiacoin working as they say -Yes,

is it paying out the profit to our bitcoin account – Yes

It has been suggested that Gladiacoin is not actually trading on cryptocurrencies in any way, therefore their claims may be dishonest. As the company hides behind its webpage it is hard to know exactly whats going. At time of last update we were still receiving payouts from Gladicaoin as per their website states, however, never invest more than you can afford to risk into ANY opportunity. You alone are responsible for your decision to join or not. There is an element of risk above other investments. One way to reduce the risk if you do partake is to build your binary team, that way you can receive all of your investment back much quicker than 90 days.

[ We will be updating this  Gladiacoin review shortly when more reslults are available , with a full summary and conclusion, at present time Gladiacoin is still paying out profit for us. ] VISIT GLADIACOIN WEBSITE HERE

*[Update June 10th 2017] * We have seen some changes over the last several weeks inside Gladiacoin. Firstly the minimum payout has been upped. Where you used to be entitled to receive automatic withdrawal once you available balance was at 0.03 BTC, this has now been raised to 0.1 BTC. In addition on larger accounts we are seeing Gladiacoin demanding a 15% admin fee before processing the payout. This can be a huge extra outlay depending on your level and if the company for some reason does not pay out that would be an additional 15% lost.

From what we are seeing right now in the program we would not advise anyone to join. A very similar and equally high risk program to double your money has recently launched called Jet-Coin of which the owners have disclosed SOME proof of earning and trading to a select few who had to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) to see this information, so again while high risk it would appear at this point to be a better choice than gladiacoin. Jet-coin currently is paying out at 3.3% daily. You can register with Jet-Coin via this link (at your on risk).

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