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Profitable Crypto Mining EVEN In Todays Market Here's How!


They Took A Virtually Dead Business Model, Made A Few Simple Tweaks, And Turned It Into A $500 to $5000 Per Month Powerhouse

Almost Overnight...

What is up guys and girls, my name is Dan White and you have probably come across this website as a result of asking for more information on one of my facebook posts or videos, so I really appreciate you being here and make sure you read the entire page because I have discovered something which has UNLOCKED THE CRYPTO CODE and made Bitcoin Mining Profitable Again for the average person.

Let me ask you a question...  

Where can the "little guy" get into Crypto Mining and have the ability to run a single mining rig, or multiple mining rigs at such low rates? 

The answer is nowhere... until now!

Dunamis Global Tech enables you to OWN your own mining rig and does NOT pay distributors commissins on the rig, which means you get the best deal and it doesn' matter if you are a huge company buying 5000 machines or if you are the little guy wanting to purchase ONE rig... you get the same deal.

These are the latest technology machines, OBELSIK machines and FPGA machines (which by the way are 100 to 1 fatser than the Antminer S9 which was lates years fastest mining machine!

Dunamis Global Tech leases you the space to park your mining rig.  
Similar in a way to a parking garage leasing you parking space to park your car.  

You can lease your space for one year, three years, or five years.  

They provide the perfect conditions for you to be mining Crypto 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with affordable electricity rates of 5 cents per kilowatt and ongoing tech support. 

Dunamis Global Tech was able to acquire an abandoned Apache Helicopter Facility located high in the mountains of Pinetop - Lakeside Arizona, close to the power grid. The temperatures are so cold that the location doesn't even require air conditioning to operate a mining facility at full capacity.  

The location is scalable with additional land, adjacent to the current property, that can be acquired for expansion as the company grows.  All at the same electricity rates of only 5 cents per kilowatt. 

  • Real Assets.
  • Real Mining. (You own the mining rigs).
  • Real Tech Support.
  • They provide the space and the electricity at rock bottom prices (5 cents per kilowatt). 


Earn Daily from ACTUAL Mining Hardware YOU OWN,

Paid 100% Directly Into Your Wallet (no middleman)
The #1 Easiest way to Cash-in on Digital Currency


or use the contact me form to get in touch.

What makes mining crypto so profitable at this time?

Currently, the most profitable coin to mine is called SIACOIN. 

* But you can mine whatever you want at the Dunamis Global Tech Facility. 

Siacoin, or Sia for short, provides a decentralized cloud storage option that competes with centralized legacy competitors such as DropBox, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft. Using Sia, anyone can host or access encrypted storage through the platform, and all contracts, storage proofs, and transactions are verifiable using the blockchain’s public ledger. 

Sia’s platform offers a number of benefits compared to traditional cloud storage services.

Privacy: All data processed on Sia’s network is encrypted. Unless a provider has the data’s private key, they cannot access your files, meaning you’re always in complete ownership/control of any materials you commit to storage. Under traditional models, the companies that host cloud storage have complete access to any data you relinquish to their servers.

Affordability: Siacoin offers flexible, market-driven pricing options for its users. There’s no one-size-fits-all option for clients to choose from. For example, 1TB of data storage using Sia can cost as little as $2 a month, compared to Amazon’s services which run at $23 a month.

Security: Again, all data on Sia is encrypted and processed through a decentralized network, keeping your material secured from the vulnerabilities of a centralized system. Moreover, Sia offers redundant storage. In splitting documents between multiple providers, Sia protects client data from a single point of failure.

* Currently each mining rig mining Siacoin is making about $500 a month. 

Pretty sweet right? 


How To Get Started With Dunamis Mining

There is ZERO COST to start earning commissions with Dunamis Global Tech.


Yes that is correct. The cost to get started is ZERO.  You can market and sell space in the Dunamis Global Tech facility and earn commissions to eventually be mining yourself.  

Participation in the binary compensation plan starts with a minimum $1400 purchase of a one year plan and 2 one year plan sales; one on each side of your binary tree.  

Mining rigs can be purchased directly from the manufacturer for $3000 each. Currently, they are making about $500 a month per mining rig. You can purchase as many mining rigs as you want.  

The company is currently offering 10 years of space in their facility for the cost of a 5-year plan of $4200. 

But to get started now and secure your position in the Dunamis Global Tech Binary Compensation Plan.  

Get A Position Now In The

Dunamis Global Tech Binary Compensation Plan FOR FREE
and get the full scoop and more info


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