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In this Cryptrade Capital review we will be exploring one of the few genuine crypto currency investment websites online today. Unlike many of the other websites and opportunities we have looked at, Cryp Trade is able to back up their offer with company documents, real trade logs and company transparency which is hard to find anywhere else in this industry online.

Cryp Trade Capital Video Review

In the video below, crypto expert and admin of Crypto Kingdom, Ari Maccabi, reveals what he found when he sent his business colleague over to the Cryp Trade corporate office and then he goes on to show inside his cryptrade account.

You can register and create and account for free with Cryp Trade Capital Here and view the full info and documentation.

cryptrade capital reviewCryp Trade Capital head quarters are in Alacante Spain and the company is registered in Alacante so all laws applicable to Spain apply, The company has a board of directors, a CEO, a group of Traders, project development department, account, legal and customer support department. In fact the companies customer support is far superior to any other online business we have dealt with. Cryp Trade Capital as a company has $32 Million in capital and currently has partners in 33 countries across the world.

The companies products and services currently include, Bitcoin ATM Machines, Credit Cards and of course the Online Trading and Investment Portfolios. They offer 3 different investment portfolios.

  1. Standard – investment from $50 up to $4999, interest is paid daily at the rate of 17.7% per month (215.35% per year) you get paid daily profits which are available for withdrawal two times per month, and your investment period is 365 days.
  2. Mega – investment from $5000 – $9999, interest paid daily at the rate of  23.7% per month or 288.35% per year. Again daily profits which get paid out two ties per month and an investment period of 1 year.
  3. VIP – investment from $10,000 – $20,000, interest paid daily at a rate of 29.7% per month (361.35% per year), daily profits which are paid out one time per month after the 30th of each month, investment period locked for 1 year.

So lets look at some scenarios of portfolio calculation examples.

  • If you were to put in $1500 on the Standard package you would receive $265.50 PER MONTH, and $3230.25 over the year.
  • If you put in $7000 in the Mega package you would receive $1659 PER MONTH and a total of $20,184.50 over the year.
  • If you put in $14,000 on a VIP package you would receive $4158 PER MONTH, and a total of $50,589 over the year.

Currently you can join Cryptrade Capital using the following payment methods to fund an investment.

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Perfect Money
  • Adv Cash
  • and they are currently adding PAYZA for US users.

Cryp Trade Capital has a generous affiliate program. To become a partner and investor you need to put in the minimum of $50 investment. Then anyone who signs up through your partner link you make 7%.

When your team or personal referrals investments reaches $1000, you get an instant $100 bonus and the second earning level is opened up at 5%. When your team level of investment reaches $5000 you get a bonus of $350 and level 3 is opened up which pays you at 5%. Fourth level is opened up when your team hits $25,000 total investment and you get a $1000 bonus and 2% of that level. All of this is with a PERSONAL INVESTMENT OF JUST $50.

There are then another 6 levels for you to earn more bonuses and more commissions but these levels are opened up when you make a higher PERSONAL INVESTMENT starting with $1000 (which can be done from your profits).

You get paid out using the same methods as above ( Bitcoin, Ethereum, Perfect Money, Adv Cash and soon PAYZA)

With all the un regulated and dis-honest websites appearing on the internet claiming to trade crypto currencies and paying out profits but providing ridiculous claims and no trading logs or business info, this makes a refreshing change and Cryp Trade Capital is the only opportunity of its type (investment in crypto trading company) that we are comfortable to recommend to anyone looking for a way to profit from crypto currencies where all the trading is done for you by experts in the field.





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