3 Ways To Make Money With Bitcoin

 1st way to make money with bitcoinMethod number 1 to make money with bitcoin – Buy Bitcoin NOW while the price is still going up. Although the price quoted for bitcoin is per 1 bitcoin, you can buy ANY amount, so just because 1 bitcoin is currently over $2000 doesn’t mean you have to have $2000 to buy in. You can buy $50, $100, $1000 or Any amount. Hold onto it in a secure wallet. Keep track of the value of your bitcoin daily. The longer you leave it in the wallet the higher the value is likely to be over time. Bitcoin can always go down in price as well but due to demand and more and more people using bitcoin it is predicted that bitcoin price could hit $10,000 in the next five years. Some say it will hit $500,000 within the next 10 years!. You can choose to sell your bitcoin at any time at a profit on various exchanges or peer to peer or you can spend it on purchases or just hold on to it! You can buy and sell bitcoin on localbitcoins.com

method 2 to make money with bitconMethod number 2 to make money with bitcoin РIf you are going to make money from bitcoin or do anything with bitcoin, then you need to actually OWN some bitcoin right? Well here is a way for you to earn bitcoin without buying it on any exchange or purchase it using a credit card or even pay for it at all. Its called Mining. In order to mine bitcoin, expensive computer equipment is needed and knowledge, but there is a simple way you can get in on mining without the need for that and without any effort on your part. How? the answer is Mining Pools. You can join a Pool where all the mining is done for you and you receive a percentage of the bitcoin mined every day along with other pool members. How much you can earn depends on how many shares you buy and how many transactions that pool processes everyday, but you can receive bitcoin everyday and with the price of bitcoins going up so fast this could be a serious nest egg or retirement plan for a very small pool investments. This is completely safe, ethical and makes perfect sense. Again once you have your bitcoin it is yours to do with whatever you like, cash in , save , spend or invest further the choice is yours. BitClub is the ONLY Mining Pool Paying Daily Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash and with Over $50 Million Bitcoin Mined and paid out since 2014Plus, $10 Million Ethereum, $2 Million Zcash. You can register an account for free with bitclub to learn how you can profit from their pools here.
make money with bitcoin method 3Method number 3 to make money with bitcoin. Cryptocurrency trading is without a doubt very lucrative and involves buying one particular crypto currency when it is at a lower price and then selling or exchanging for another crytpocurrecny at a higher price and pocketing the profit. The problem is it takes not only knowledge and knowing how what signals to loo out for to buy and sell at the right time, but also takes time and research across the various exhganges. So there is a solution which allows you to make profit from crytocurency trading while taking a back seat. You let professional traders make all of the transactions using your investment and they pay you guaranteed profits. They make money and you make money. BEWARE of programs which claim to ‘Double Your Bitcoin in 90 Days’ or offer unreal profits like 20% per day. These internet websites are popping up all over the place and they provide Zero proof of trading and not even a company address in most cases. However if you would like to learn more about a REAL investment company that will give you between 0.59% – 0.99% per day, and 215.39% per year to 361.25% per year depending on your investment level, then take a look at Cryptrade Capital. The great thing is that because they trade on other Alt-coins as well as bitcoin it makes no difference if the price of bitcoin comes down, you still make profit daily! You can invest as little as $50 and start seeing daily profits which can be withdrawn on the 15th and 30th of each month. To learn more about this long term investment opportunity with CryptTrade click here.

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